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Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Relax and Replenish - Holy Smoke Selections - 4 Packets

Relax and Replenish - Holy Smoke Selections - 4 Packets

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Grace - Flow - Surrender - Love

For those desiring to float  in the gentle stream of easy grace.
For letting go and absorbing the sweet calm once you enter the quiet space of your own being


Designed with high quality plant based ingredients using traditional hand-made methods.

A safe incense that is free from all toxic substances and lovingly packaged in handmade recycled materials.

Ingredients include a blend of high quality activated charcoal, resin, herbs, essential oils, aromatic woods, honey and bamboo sticks.

This is our way of letting you get to know us and the different scents and energies between our incense, we're offering you a discount too!

***With this purchase you will receive 4 of our Incense blends, 1 packet each of Grace, Flow, Surrender and Love.

Weight per packet - 20gm
Packet dimensions- 25cm x 5cm

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