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SeaSap Zinc

SeaSap Zinc SPF30 High Protection

SeaSap Zinc SPF30 High Protection

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SeaSap is the best sun protection for your face, it’s the good stuff, hand made in NZ and independently SPF30 rated at Eurofins Dermatest Australia.

Allergy free and perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin, it doesn’t sting your eyes, stays on longer, and cares for the environment without the dodgy chemicals most sunscreens contain.


Research has revealed the damage commercial sunscreens cause to our oceans. SeaSap’s natural recipe was created with this in mind. So feel confident knowing you are choosing to protect both yourself and your environment.


One of the founders of SeaSap suffered from allergies, and our very Media Maestro has extremely sensitive skin. This is why we are so passionate about our product; it is allergy free and does not cause irritation on sensitive skin.


Store SeaSap so there is always a tin within reach. We recommend keeping one in your glove box, surf kit, back pack and beach bag – just to name a few places. Zinc and bees wax are natural healers so put one in your first aid kit too.


Bee’s wax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic castor oil, zinc oxide (non-nano powdered), organic cacao powder, organic turmeric powder, organic vanilla extract. The heavenly SeaSap scent comes from a combination of the bee’s wax, coconut, cacao and vanilla.

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