About Hush Boutique

Hush Boutique was originally established in 2021 as Hush Candles. We were a small business looking to share our love for creativity. It wasn't long until this idea began to evolve. 

In 2022, we thought to expand our business. We wanted to create a hub where we could promote and sell products from other small like-minded businesses. We combined this idea with our love for the environment and soon began to collate a number of eco-friendly and sustainable products. Wanting to incorporate our original brand but adapt our name to more accurately represent who we have become, we found 'Hush Boutique' was the perfect fit.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

We want to make a difference to the way people choose to shop. A number of the large retailers focus on high profit - low cost. Unfortunately, this leads to a number of their products being made out of cheap, unsustainable materials. With many of the items being thrown away within a month of their purchase. Consequently, this fills our land and ocean with non-biodegradeable and harmful materials. 

The goal of Hush Boutique NZ is to encourage careful consumption and help protect our beautiful planet. For this reason, we have carefully selected the products within our boutique, all of which are environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our in-house products (Hush Candles) have also been made to meet these standards. All products are sustainably packaged and waste reduction strategies are in place to help reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Our goal is to promote environmentally sustainable consumption, to help protect the wonderful world we live in.

  • We use environmentally friendly packaging to help reduce Hush Boutique's carbon footprint.

  • We support local, by sourcing our products from other small and like-minded businesses from New Zealand and Australia.