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Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Holy Smoke Eco Incense

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A conscious, eco-friendly range of incense with appealing scents for uplifting, purifying and healing.

Designed with high quality plant based ingredients using traditional handmade methods.

A safe incense that is free from all toxic substances and packaged in handmade recycled material.



A light nectar rich scent together with the warm woody notes of Himalayan forests.
Native to Nepal, Sugandha Kokila is wild-harvested from Himalyan high altitude forests and in Ayurveda is valued for increasing immunity, benefitting the respiratory system and excellent for relaxing the nervous system. It clears the mind, helps concentration and grants a sense of support .


- LOVE -

A gentle and graceful fragrance with an elegant earthiness.
Featuring Rose, positively activating the heart, creating opening and acceptance.
Sandalwood brings its exceptionally soft and uplifting qualities ushering in connection to spirit.



A potent mesmerising yet soft woody aroma.
Strongly featuring Sandalwood lending support for strength and endurance.
Complimented by heavenly Jasmine, an otherworldly scent that benefits both the feminine and masculine energies.



An evocative combination of rich earthy and softly sweet aromas.
The strong woody floral note of Halmadi, a beautiful resin is balanced by the crisp freshness of high altitude Himalayan Juniper.



A clean, peppery and rounded spicy scent.
High in Sandalwood known for aiding spiritual practices and calming influence on the nervous system combined with a very high altitude Himalyan Angelica.


- PEACE - 

A smooth crisp scent both citrusy sweet, and grounding.
Blends Rose oil, great for the heart chakra alleviating stress and anxiety and Frankincense resin which is calming, empowering, rejuvenating the mind and body.



A light appealing scent which is soothing and embracing.
Good for creating a happy, harmonious space. An essence for bringing together and uniting community or tribe.



A crisp floral heady scent.
The divine aroma of Frankincense purifies the mind and nervous system. Grown at high altitudes, Sweet Flag, empowers the minds ability to concentrate and focus toward higher contemplation. A strong and vigorous combination.



Sourced deep in the monsoonal cedar forest, high altitude lichen, Rockmoss, carries the ‘Presence of the Forest Spirit’, inviting us to rest in our inner space. The rich earthy woody notes melding with the beautiful restorative scent of high-altitude Sugandha Kokila and exotic heavenlyJasmine describing the love , peace and well-being that resides within. 

- FLOW - 

A subtle yet warm, woody & spicy blend of Vertiver, Rockmoss and Spiked Ginger-lily.Spiked Ginger-Lily enables flow, awakening the heart for love to flow, and reminding us that we are always part of the flow.

With your purchase you will receive 1 x packet of Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Weight per packet - 20gm
Packet dimensions- 25cm x 5cm

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