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5 Stripe Towel - Tania

5 Stripe Towel - Tania

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Colour: Turquoise Blue

Our epic Turkish Towels are:

Made of 100% Turkish Cotton (290 GSM) = soft, cuddly goodness to wrap yourself in.

Super absorbent & can hold up to 3 x their weight.

Lightweight and dry while you walk home from the beach.

Pack up tiny making them epic for travel, Motor Homes, camping / you choose.

Size: 90 x 155cm - fantastic size beach towel!

The more you wash them the softer they get.

Care Instructions

Cold water wash, with or without detergent - your choice.

Line dry in the sun - tumble drying is not required

Avoid the use of fabric softeners - it actually coats the cotton fibres and reduces absorbency over time. Turkish cotton hates the stuff.

Periodically, add a cup of vinegar to your wash to remove residues that build up over time through the use of washing detergents

In terms of tassel care:

Spin at 800rpm or less 

Before the first wash (and every now and again) pull gently on each tassel to tighten the knot and keep tassels looking like new.

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